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American Style of Life


It is long time i am fostering the idea of need to change the paradigm of American style of life, which unfortunately became the golden standard of good life all over the world. If to characterize the American style of life in one sentence, it would be “consume more than you can afford to pay for and immediately, now”. To this life style belongs the suburb cottage and the daily two hours each direction ride on a big car, driven by sole rider rushing to his work and from it. The other phenomena of American style of life is that more value is invested in the wrap of the product than in its content. Significant part of the product value is advertisement, which in its essence is forced by very aggressive means on the people, and intends to spread disinformation in many different forms. If in the “economic prehistory” adds used to bring relevant information to the potential consumer, not any more. They had evolved and became more and more sophisticated and tricky. As side effect of this trend, is that there are more students in the universities in different economic and administration studies than in all the other sciences together, and many of them are studying “Marketing”. (Maybe because of no need for sophisticated mathematics).
This American style of life is very appealing to certain kind of people whose main intellectual, spiritual and cultural occupation is SHOPING!!!. And these are the vast majority of the people in the US, but unfortunately also in other parts of the world. All this could left us indifferent, if not the new phenomena of unprecedented long-term high economic growth in the two most populated countries in the world, India and China, where live 40% of the world population. Suddenly the Chinese also discovered that they want to ride to work on their private car, and let it be as big as it just can be. Since last year the Chinese car market preceded the US car market, and it is only at the beginning. Already now there are more than 1 billion cars running the roads of the world. Can you imagine that this number will be 3 times more? All the green forest will become black roads. And let’s not forget, people that ride in their private cars to work, they also live in the suburb cottages in the so called “Nature”.

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