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European Decadence


I was born in Europe and my roots are Europeans. So, even if being a victim of European history i feel sorrow for its almost inevitable decline. Many speak about demographic, economic decline, but i see mainly the moral decline of Europe.

The barbaric Europe that was born out of the wracked Roman empire, could not forget the greatness of Rome against the wretchedness of the barbaric kingdoms. Charlemagne only added to this memory additional impulse and so you had Europe of continuous civil wars, which from time to time changed from local wars among warlords to global wars of European powers. The only way to create cooperation among these kings was by sending them to fight the neighboring Muslims, who themselves were not more peace loving than the Europeans themselves
Then suddenly and totally unexpectedly, when it seemed that the Ottomans are going to conquer the hart of Europe (they reached Vienna), the western kingdoms discovered America and their delicate colonial experiment until then, made a major shift toward full scale colonialism with all the cruelty we know about.

The racism, Euro centralism, and Colonialism resulted criminal European policy of arrogance and unrestrained aggressiveness towards everything that is not authentic part of the Christendom.
As the European achieved technological advantage upon the rest of the world, used it immediately for world dominance, subduing even such ancient cultures as China. (By the way the Japanese were lucky they were encountered at beginning by the Americans and not by the British or the French as the Chinese.)

When no more non Europeans were left to subdue, they turn on each other and couldn’t stop until destroying themselves.

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