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Love with the age


The relativity of our existence is not only a phenomena observed by physicists, but even more a daily human reality. As the human being is aging, he adds with the time new and new layers of suffering. And it seems to me it is not just another layer of the same, but there is a development in the quality of it. A development towards the eagerness for love. But not eagerness for being loved, but for loving the others. This tendency is installed in us by the nature. When a child is born, to him seems, as if all the world exists only for him. Then he starts to be “cultured”. He starts to learn that not all the attention is focused only on him. So he cries and tries to get the attention, even if not of love but at least of anger. Until his biological processes open his eyes to the  reality (sad for him) that there are others. And this grows within him.
Then one day he is in love, a hormonal love. But out of it may come a new life, that makes him entirely altruistic. Even the worse human beasts (like Fouche or Gobels) felt this kind of love. And with the years it accumulates. But as we know love is an emerging property. And as such, to emerge it has to become ripe enough to become a conscious feeling.

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