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Growing to where?


The time came to economic model change. The ever growing lust of the capital to earn higher and higher yields, forces the system to continuous growth, without to ask the question for what and for whom. Who is really enjoying the overcrowded shopping malls, traffic jams, polluted environment, the growing income gap between the wage earners and the yield earners or what is called the rentiers. Only the very few at the top of the income ladder enjoy it, but they are the one who count. What about a new economic model, where the growth is not a necessity, but rather looked upon as an evil. What about a model where rather the redistribution of the wealth is seen as an aim than the growing gap between the rich and poor. What about admitting, that the time came in many places in the world, where less is more than more. Less consumerism, more environment, less private cars on the road, more confort in public transportation. Less meat eating, more natural environment left to non human spices. Less corrupted despots, who are the agents of rentiers interests, wishing to become rentiers themselves, less wars and evil caused by humans against humans.

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