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Greece versus Eastern Europe.


You describe very clearly the agony of Greek people after 2010, who after all can’t be blamed for the fault of Greek plitical and economical elites of the past. Yet, EU is not only Germany, nation whose historical responsibility for the misery in many places of Europe prevails until now. Take country like Poland or Czechoslovakia, countries who vere the first victims of Nazi Germany. Then after the war they were victimized by the Stalinist USSR, and 25 years ago slipped out of this reign of evil with tooth and eye. And let me to remain you, these countries before WWII were economically among the most advanced nations in the world, as contrary to Greece of those days. Today, 25 years after the fall of Berlin wall, and after investing enormous effort to rebuild their economies and even more their society crippled by 40 years of despotism, humiliation, imposed policy of systematic destruction of local elites in every field, where these countries are? People in these countries until now had never tasted the welfare created by the post war western Europeans. Their standard of living is still under that of the post 2010 Greece. And lets not forget, as contrary to Greece, they are not victims of cynical local elits, but of two big European nations, they happened to be located in between.

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