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CO2 accumulation


CO2 accumulation

The CO2 is not only about electricity generation. It is also about that most of the people in the world are becoming meat eaters, about transportation systems (cars and airplanes) based on hydrocarbons, etc. If the catastrophic scenarios of overheated planet had to be prevented, the very first step should be CO2 tax and consumption tax in US, while all this additional tax income should be channeled into development of alternative energy resources. If US is not ready to do this sacrifice by adopting less wasteful way of life, nobody else will do it.

If there is even one reader, who can find the way how to bring the US political system (democrats or republicans) to this kind of decisions, i would be happy to hear about it.

An other remark; Keynesian economics not only have no answer to the environmental problem, but it dangerously adds to the consumption overdose, that is an additional push to the environmental problem and helps to bring the world to the edge of the brink.

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