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Economic stability without growth-


The modern obsession of all the economists for economic grow in terms of GDP increase is a false perception. Of course it is caused by addictive need to pay to lenders real term interest and to investors real term yield (profit on their investments). This makes the economic growth a need without consideration if economic growth has positive or negative impact on the welfare being of the majority of the population. This concept on the long run inevitable enriches the wealthy property owners, whose income is based on property possession.
The whole economy is based on false assumption that increased consumerism is necessary for economic growth and is the best way to sustain healthy economy. The inevitable result of this concept is the ever present nuisance called advertisement. Army of salesmen, marketing experts, public relation experts chase you in every corner of your existence, yet if you have a real need to buy a product, there is no-one to ask for advise, and probably instead of what you need the army of seducers will try to seduce you with alternatives you don’t want. And above all stands the cost effectively devastatingly wasteful urban solution of suburb dwellings, with malls and traffic solution based on private cars trying to feel freedom of movement while standing in endless queues to and from the work or to and from the weekend vacation.
Is this system about bringing welfare and well-being to most of the human spices? I doubt it. It is a system of selling illusion of “wealth and happiness”, while trapping most of the human spices in delusion of gatherers, who take possession of mostly worthless artifacts, and pay high price of enslavement to debts. This system is not only about the wealthy with possessions and those without it, but about those, who are aware of the realities of the system, and as outsiders can benefit from it, and those who are sunken in the system up to their neck and have no escape out of it.

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