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Is IsIam, about peace?


Unfortunately those are lonely voices calling in the desert.
Islam, since its appearance is in continuous conflict with the surrounding world which it keeps in siege . It conquered Zoroastrian Iran, Christian Byzantine, Hindu India, Buddhist Indonesia, pagan Africa, you name it. All this did not happened because it is a religion preaching peace. Their expansion stopped only the European colonialism, when Europe successfully opposed the Muslim expansion tendency militarily.
All the events in the last 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet empire, shows that the Islam is back in the game. Probably you are right, and most of the Muslims want to live peacefully, BUT, it takes only very few to let the evil take over if it is not opposed. (Enough to remember what have done Lenin and bunch of his co-criminals with Russia).
And this is all about the question, are the world going to let the evil to take over or not?
If the policy is to apologize for something that in reality never existed and haven’t done, in the way you also mock your own most basic values, like freedom of speech. Why letting the Muslims freely publish all their ANNOYING!!! hate against all the non Muslims, (mainly Jews and Christians), it is quite obvious where this policy is heading too. (75% of the Egyptians believe September 11 was CIA, Mosad provocation).
In Libya the Muslims had their “Kristal nacht”, now it is up to the world to decide, what to do with it. LET IT BE, JUST DOESN’T WORK ANY MORE.

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