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Kings, Generals, Chancellors and democracy


To PatricEayme;

Thanks for the history lesson, By the way who screwed the France colonial aspiration in America was the Generalissimo Napoleon Bonaparte, who sold all the land left of Mississippi  from Louisiana up to Canada  for if i recollect 7 million Dollars (1802 prices). I wonder if  in French history books of high school they ever mention it. I don’t speak French, could you check it for me?

Louis XIV was, as he on himself said France itself, he was the typical self proclaimed God. I hate these bustards and doesn’t mater if he built Canal the Middy and some nice projects. (by the way I hate Versailles). his cuisine James II, wasn’t better from him, just less capable and weaker. As contrary to them William de Orange and Louis the XVI, were what we call in Yiddish, Mentch, meaning human, and that’s exactly what were not  those other bustards. Poor Louis XVI, he lost his head because of hesitation. Isn’t it just human not to run like a bull forward, without thinking about the consequences of your decisions?

As to democracy, you say Swiss? It can work only in Swiss, a small, closed to immigration, extremely rich  country, (rich out of depositing the money of all the bustards of the world) with common history of almost 500 years without war. Let them open their border to immigration and you will see what happens.

Nazism is result of an accidental even, that happened and did not have to happen in 1914. Yet i have to admit, these anachronistic Kings – Cousins, that ruled  Europe east from the Rhine had to go somehow, and probably the only way was War or Revolution, so we got them both, and above all this also Hitler, I hope we are not in the same situation now, when the democracies have no ability to create a non-anachronistic new leadership,

And here let me quote from my facebook;

History is, after all, often more about the unintended consequences of unexpected accidents than it is about plans (Edward Hugh)i

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