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Let the poor work and the rich make money out of money


There are two kinds of Economic theories. The first one are focused on the fiscal side of the economy, their main item is to maximize the production and employment. The second kind claims “MONEY is the major item of the economic activity”. All those who are emphasizing the threats of unemployment and reduction of production caused by Moneys scarcity, endanger its value and its sanctity. But the skilled defenders of the Money are protecting it from all these Keynesian-Fiscal minded economists. They have other matters to take care of than employment and production. Their interest is focused on saving their idol, THE MONEY and its institution of papacy, the bank system and financial markets. Let the poor countries produce the products and employ the masses. The rich countries, will make money out of money and pay unemployment fees to the masses, to keep them out of the streets, and best in the pubs.

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