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Hatered to America


22.4 2007

America is the very best aim for hatred for all those mismanaging politicians of the third world, who want to cover their own misdeeds. We can add to them the lefties, who were not confused by losing the validity of their ideology and stick to their hatred to USA as the last straw, that helps them to overcome their confusion. Some of them add to this hatred, as a flavor the hatred to Jews, to mobilize the ignorant masses for a good hatred party.

America was involved since 1900 in two world wars, two anti communist wars and two wars against Saddam Husain.  Except of the Vietnam War, they always fought against the total evil or the attacker (Wilhelm II, Hitler, Kim Il-sung, Saddam Husain). One mistaken war out of six is not so bad balance compared to France, which fought two colonial wars (Vietnam, Algeria) and capitulated almost without fight to Hitler, after betraying Czechoslovakia. So Francophils please give some respect.

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